Wednesday, March 12, 2008

when men cheat

do we blame the men? do we blame the women? is there fault at all, or is it a flaw in hormone levels?
the "experts all disagree with each other! none of them can find that ONE reason. why? because there are many factors, none of which i find is a blame type of thing.

since the beginning of recorded time men have always had more than one female. if they were kings they had maidens of their choice to serve them. the bible( and no this is not going to be a religious lecture) says it is better to cast your seed into the belly of a whore than to the wind. from fathers to sons, as part of a social morey have always had a wife, and if he was rich, a mistress. there are many social moreys that are not written laws,,or written taboos and untill the last two hundred to three hundred years monogomy was not what it has become. yes marriage vows say whats put together let mo man put asunder, but note,,the key word,,MAN. coveting anothers WIFE is a taboo, but NO mantion of a wench, a single female.

in the last few centries, its become less an open pleasure of men, and a far less acceptable activity. IF a father does not show his son by example how to me monogomus and the next generation does not learn this social behavior, then is he to blame if he is wealthy enough to hire a call girl? if the man is rich, its a call girl or prostitute he hires. if they cannot afford this, because of todays society, most times there needs to be a relationship before anything happens. that is where theres that fine line.

the rich can afford an out of marriage sexual pleasure with out any hear strings, love,, attached. this sticks with in the unspoken guidelines of his heridity, his fathers before him. the ones who find love outside a marriage are breaking a vow, a social morey, and that is an out and out cheat on his vows and to his wife. hireing a prostitute, well in my opinion, even though sad, is not cheating, its merely a sign of a man who hasnt learned, has not been taught.

a man who is not comfortable with himself, or feels for what ever reason he has to prove something, cannot find full gratification in a marriage as a one on one relationship. as intellectuals and thru education these men who fall into these categories, need to realize, they can pleasure themselves, take time for their own pleasure, alone, that when it was written in the bible about acsting their seed, it was written at a time when the world was hit with plagues, disease, and famine. they no longer need to keep the worlds population up.

women from beginning of same written recorded time monogomus, because well, for many reasons. one,,the obviouse,,a pregnancy, and the second,,women were raised NOT to enjoy sex, that was merely a female function to satisfy a husband. if they had no husband , well there came the oldest profession in the world, a women of no stature in society pleased any man who wanted her.

there women of affluence who have been known to have affairs outside their vows. they have been killed, chastized, labelled, but, not all women fell upon such fatal demise. there are men who are less dominant than their wives by a large ammount. i will discuss this in a later article about dominance and submission, but for the sake of this article, its not the women who gained a stigmatic title, it was the husbands. they were, and still are called cuckold husbands.

it is interesting where that title came from. where it was acceptible for a man to spread his seed around,a woman who spreads her eggs around, its the husband who gains that title ( this is why men made sure their wives did not venture out). the word comes from the cuckoo bird. the female lays her eggs in the nests of other birds for them to hatch and raise. hence the term cuckold husband.(most think its an alternitive sexual bdsm type activity, well its not!)

with the womens movement of the 60's they leanred it was ok to like sex. thats when the game and the ruels changed how we looked at out of marriage sex or rleationships, the experts had to now find blame, try to figure why, when why is as plain as looking back thru time at relationships. as women fought to gain the vote, acceptance to be seen out side the home alone, the men could less and less hide their sexual affairs

its funny, but from movie stars , we ahve for years,accepted infidelity as an every day newsworthy activity. when the average every day couple has an infedilty exposed, we all scream,,divorce the bum. when infidelity is discovered from one in public affluence, we demand their job taken away. lets move from chastizing the acts and away from praising the acts like we do with hollywood stars, and show all, its time we graduate from ancient times and religious beliefs. its ok to cast the seed,,its ok to masturbate and please ones self, its also ok to care about someone of the opposite sex, but we dont have to make them our bedfellow.

however,, its never been ok to love more than ONE when one marries. but it is no longer survival of the human race that men need to find a woman always, when they need relief. wheres the fault? in too much tostesterone? hardly!! in the fault of the wife? certanly not!! its that unspoken archaic morey written and embeded in their heads to keep the world populated. we have survived!! no more need to worry aobut seed cast to the wind. and because your fathers never tuaght you or showed you differently, well are they to blame? nope!! just like abuse, it should STOP with YOU, well infidelity is the same, let it stop with you!

Monday, March 10, 2008


well here it is folks. the first of hopefully many blogs. I have many interests and opinions, and its thos interests and opinions I will be expressing here.
I will touch on romance, relationships. you know, not all marriages and relationships are hard work, even though thats all you hear about on talk shows and news and radio stations. stick with me and you will see, basic simple things make life easier.
I have 4 children, so parenting will also be a big part of this blog. I am far from the perfect leave it to beaver type parent, but four out of four, so far, are not trouble kids, the youngest is 18, so safely I can boast,,I MADE IT THRU THOSE TEEN YEARS...ALIVE!!!! yea me!
there will be more things discussed, like I said I have many opinions! stop back often and see what my mind is pondering over!