Monday, March 10, 2008


well here it is folks. the first of hopefully many blogs. I have many interests and opinions, and its thos interests and opinions I will be expressing here.
I will touch on romance, relationships. you know, not all marriages and relationships are hard work, even though thats all you hear about on talk shows and news and radio stations. stick with me and you will see, basic simple things make life easier.
I have 4 children, so parenting will also be a big part of this blog. I am far from the perfect leave it to beaver type parent, but four out of four, so far, are not trouble kids, the youngest is 18, so safely I can boast,,I MADE IT THRU THOSE TEEN YEARS...ALIVE!!!! yea me!
there will be more things discussed, like I said I have many opinions! stop back often and see what my mind is pondering over!

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